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The Book of Stace!

Dr M’s favourite and highly recommended books for plant identification include:

“The book of Stace” – This is the affectionate nickname given by Dr M when introducing students to Clive Stace’s “New Flora of Britain” 3rd edition (2010). Advanced and indispensable treatment of the British flora with keys to identify families, genera and species of all native and naturalised species (including hybrids) in the UK. A big and potentially frightening book for the beginner (hence the student limerick below!) but well worth the effort getting to know intimately. Dr M is planning a short video to introduce Clive Stace’s flora to those who have not come across it and for those who have but are too terrified to use it!

Meanwhile Dr M’s trilogy of three posts on how to use the Book of Stace starts here.

Here is a Limerick composed by Dr M’s students about the Book of Stace:

“From Hell came the book of Stace
Which the MSc Students did not embrace
But God created Dr M to help them along
For he is their saving grace!”




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  • Carol Hudson

    Do you know where I can get a copy of baby Stace? I’ve heard they are like gold dust. I have looked everywhere online and in bookshops to no avail. Any ideas?

  • DrM

    Yes it is true, however I gather there are one or two copies available in Luxembourg of all places But only at a price! If you are really keen get in touch via the contact page!

  • Tim

    Did you ever make a Stace video intro?

    • DrM

      No not yet! It is on my to do list, but an intro to the veg key is further up, though also not started! Ask me again in the summer as I wd like to have these ready for my students (and others) to use in the autumn. Or maybe I should get them to make the videos from the student perspective, cd be interesting! Dr M

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