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Thanks for being such a great teacher. I couldn’t have got this job without the experience I gained on your course. Congratulations on becoming an Associate Professor! Also I am really enjoying the Extreme Botany postings and finding them very helpful in my work. Best wishes, Lisa Malter, MSc SISS Student 2013-2014 

Thank  you so much for all the encouragement and inspiration over the last year! Everything I’ve learned on this course has truly enriched my relationship with the great outdoors. Knowing the name and place of things in the natural order is a powerful skill.  Reconnecting with all the plants I so vividly remember from my English childhood has made the experience doubly powerful for me.  Thank you for all your knowledge and making it possible!  Molly Marquand, USA. MSc Plant Diversity student 2011-2012 

Jonathan is a wonderful teacher who has a real passion for plants!  His passion has easily been installed in most people in the class. (Jane Peterson, Kent) 

Jonathan is a great lecturer and very inspirational, I hope to continue learning plants. (Adejola Akpan, Maiduguri)

This was a very challenging module and I wish I only had this one to concentrate on so I could have given it more time.  We had lots of assessments so lots of feedback and lots of fun – great mix of lecture and practical.  The ordination was tough but very useful.  Demonstrating was excellent and Jonathan always made time to answer all questions.  A very challenging and motivating module. (Carole Stephens, Leeds)

Really enjoyed  this module. Having lots of ID tests really helped with learning families and species. (Pan Kanda, Bangkok)

This module has been really good and well structured, I’ve appreciated how much input and enthusiasm Jonathan gives us. (Paul Nightly, London)