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Are you getting enough botany? Dr M’s white flower plant ID quiz

New research shows that the oft-quoted 5-a-day fruit and veg may not be enough to ward off disease and even premature death, but rather, 7-10 is much better.

But scientists at University of Reading have urged caution, let’s not rush to change the message they say. The 5-a-day slogan is a clear and successful message and whatever the actual numbers, the bottom line is that we all need to eat more fruit and veg to keep as healthy as possible!

Dr M says this is important news, and is exactly the same with botany; we all need more plant ID to keep us in eXtreme botanical health!

Dr M asks: Have you had enough plant ID today?

Dr M replies (on your behalf!): No! of course you haven’t (you can never get enough)!

So as a contribution to your zillion-a-day, check out the following images of white flowered plants currently in bloom (mid-April) in the town and countryside and see how many you can place in their correct plant family and how many you can get to genus and species.

Click on the images for a better, more detailed view:


Dr M says: Find the answers here.

Dr M really does have your best eXtreme botanical health in mind, subscribe to Dr M Goes Wild for all your 5, 7, 10 and more-a-day plant ID needs!

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Image credits:  1-4 Louise Denning; the rest by Dr M.


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