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Dr M’s autumn fruits quiz!

The clocks have gone back, autumnal colour delights the eye and the smells of autumn abound!  High time then for the latest in Dr M’s special series of botany quizzes – the autumn fruit quiz!

2015 seems to have been an excellent year for autumn fruits of a myriad varieties and so here for your autumnal delight and delectation Dr M has lovingly and selflessly gathered together a veritable harvest festival of fruits of thirty-six different native and naturalised (and the odd non-native) trees and shrubs.

Take time to admire them, enjoy them in all their fructilicious variety and glory, how many you can recognise?

And how many are edible? And which ones might kill you? And which can be drunken or otherwise utilised?

And do you know the correct botanical term for each? Berries, drupes, nuts and follicles are they all here? Maybe some other types too?!

Now, one or two may technically not be fruits (remember a fruit is part of a flowering plant i.e. Angiosperms)  so there are one or two fruit-like structures here too just to keep you on your botanical toes!

Have a go identifying the plant family, genus and species in each case – common names are good too – Dr M is nothing if not botanically inclusive!

Check back soon for the answers (including botanical names for the fruits (and fruit-like structures!) coming in a while…

 Image credits: Dr M’s with additional images from Richard Carter, Donald Cooper. Phil Gates and Anne Bell.



  • MichaelF

    01. Acer campestre, inedible
    02. Crataegus germanica (formerly Mespilus g.), semi-edible
    03. Corylus avellana, edible
    04. Ginkgo biloba, seed kernel edible
    05. Hypericum androsaemum, inedible
    06. Prunus spinosa, semi-edible
    07. Sambucus nigra, edible
    08. Rubus fruticosus (agg.), edible
    09. Crataegus monogyna, semi-edible
    10. Euonymus europaeus, inedible
    11. Quercus robur, semi-edible
    12. Aesculus hippocastanum, inedible
    13. Rhododendron ponticum / hybrid, inedible
    14. Alnus glutinosa, inedible
    15. Malus sylvestris, semi-edible
    16. Rosa (sp.); not R. canina, semi-edible
    17. Castanea sativa, edible
    18. Prunus laurocerasus, semi-edible
    19. Pyrus pyraster, semi-edible
    20. Sambucus racemosa, semi-edible
    21. Cotoneaster horizontalis, semi-edible
    22. Ribes sanguineum, edible
    23. Aesculus × carnea, inedible
    24. Carpinus betulus, inedible
    25. Fraxinus excelsior, inedible
    26. Acer platanoides, inedible
    27. Tilia × euchlora, inedible
    28. Platanus × hispanica, inedible
    29. Buddleja davidii, inedible
    30. Humulus lupulus, semi-edible
    31. Clematis vitalba, inedible
    32. Taxus baccata, edible (fleshy cone scale) + toxic (seed)
    33. Prunus avium, edible
    34. Sorbus torminalis, semi-edible
    35. Frangula alnus, inedible
    36. Viburnum lantana, inedible

  • DrM

    Michael, Great answers thanks, and thanks for adding edible/inedible which I forgot to do despite promising in the earlier post! I see you disagree on a few happy for you to elaborate reasons here, I might have slipped up (i.e. been a tad lazy) on at least one! Dr M

  • SandraS

    I’m happy to run across this site. I really appreciate your efforts and I am looking forward for your further posts. Thanks!

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