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Dr M’s Lizard Diary: the party’s over but the botanical memories live on!

The final verdict: A week at the Lizard is just not enough!

Dr M and his students have seen beautiful landscapes, fascinating vegetation and lovely plants both common and rare.

And, naturally, being a Dr M field course, much fun has been had along the way!

Dr M’s three final Lizard Diary entries are galleries of images of plants and people and fun, and between them, they tell their own story, a story of eXtreme botanical beauty, diversity and enjoyment!

Dr M, Wizard Carter, guest tutor Hermione and students Dorothy, Edwina, Count Ligule, Toto and Sarah Seaweed, observed and marveled at over four hundred (that’s 400!) different plant species (and that’s excluding mosses and lichens and seaweeds, which we’ll come to later!).

This first final post is a gallery of botanical images capturing just a fraction of the botanical diversity and beauty witnessed during our week at the Lizard.

Click on the images once, then a second time to see botanical beauty close-up!

Ferns and Fern allies

Maritime species


Other Monocotyledons

Other Dicotyledons

Three landscapes


One thing’s for sure, there’s plenty more where these came from, one reason, if reason be needed, for Dr M to return again next year!

Dr M says: Botany rocks and eXtreme botany rocks eXtremely!




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