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Dr M’s 30 days wild!

Dr M has always been going wild about plants and nature, even way before he launched drmgoeswild.com back in April 2013, and so naturally he is delighted to see that The Wildlife Trusts have a campaign for June 2015 they say: Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life! Make this the month when you do
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Dr M’s Botany bus Diary – Day 5 Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor

Day 5 of Dr M’s University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course and our eXtreme botanists head from the coast of Dorset to Cornwall making a diversion through the uplands of Dartmoor, and a stop off at Wistman’s Wood – a rare relict example of the ancient upland woodlands of Dartmoor. Wistman’s Wood, situated amidst acid grassland heath and bog, is a famous botanical site situated on
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London’s first Moss Trail!

Dr M is delighted to present this post on London’s first moss trail at the South London Botanical Institute (SLBI), based in Tulse Hill, launched London’s first Moss Trail in its garden on Saturday 14 March 2015. The Moss Trail features twelve different kinds of moss, all clearly labelled in a trail around the garden. The Moss Trail launch was part of the SLBI’s “Moss Day”
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Dr M’s Ten Plants project to inspire young botanists!

The CBBC classical music initiative “Ten Pieces“ started in the autumn term of 2014 and aims to inspire a generation of primary children to get creative with classical music. With a week of free cinema screenings for primary schools across the country, the project culminates in two Ten Pieces Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in July 2015. So successful has “Ten Pieces” been in the
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The Faces of Fascination of Plants Day!

Fascination of Plants Day 2015 brought over 130 local school children to the University of Reading for a Festival of Fascinating Fossils lead by Dr Macarena Cardenas and a Monkey Puzzle walk lead by Dr M and Professor Tomato (aka Professor John Warren). Dr M was amazed!  The weather was not on our side, there was wind there was rain but still the schools came and
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Fascination of Plants Day with Dr M and friends at the University of Reading!

Monday 18th May 2015 was the 3rd International Fascination of Plants Day established to provide a global focus for celebrating the wonders of the plant world. At the University of Reading Dr M together with palaeoecologist Dr Macarena Cardenas celebrated FoPD with colleagues and students from the School of Biological Sciences and School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science as well as a special guest Professor John
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Dr M’s #Botanybus2015 spot test – the answers!

On day 10 of the University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course – otherwise known as #Botanybus2015 – there was a spot test at the lovely Mullion Cove in the Lizard District, Cornwall. As they walked the cliffs and adjacent areas Dr M pointed his trusty Dutch auger at 30 plants in turn and students had a couple of minutes to ID them
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Dr M’s Botany bus diary – Day 4 Chesil Beach and Lulworth Downs

Here’s a report of Day 4 of Dr M’s University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course held in April in which the intrepid group of eXtreme botanists were out and about checking the botany of saltmarshes on the Isle of Purbeck… …and the adjacent great shingle spit of Chesil beach – fascinating geomorphological form comprising 18 miles and 180 billion pebbles (allegedly!) – but not
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Dr M’s Botany bus diary – Day 3 Studland Sand Dunes

Day 3 of #Botanybus2015  – University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course headed toNational Trust Studland beach to investigate the plants and vegetation of the sand dunes which have developed over the past 3 or 4 centuries forming a large part of the South Haven Peninsula, near Poole Harbour, Dorset. After parking the #Botanybus2015 in the carpark the group walked the length of Studland
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Dr M’s Botany bus diary – Day 2 Godlingston Heath, Dorset

After settling into our accommodation at the Alnatt centre, Swanage, the University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course continued into day 2 with a sunshine-filled trip to Studland and Godlingston Heath NNR which includes a fine expanse of heathland and bog habitats ideal for the #Botanybus2015 experience!