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National Trust’s 50 things to do outside with the kids – let’s have more eXtreme botany?!

The National Trust has gone crazy wild about getting the nation’s kids outside at the weekend so they’ve put together a list of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ along with the 50 place finder to locate great places to do them, woods, fields, hills, caves, ponds and streams! They want to encourage kids to get mucky, discover their wild side and get closer to
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Great squirting cucumbers and penis gourds, it’s that John Warren again!

The World is still reeling from the 7-1 defeat of home team Brazil plus Dr M’s long awaited new series of botanical “selfies” in which botanists introduce themselves photographically and in their own words… #2 in the series continues with John Warren, a botanist not entirely new to DrMGoesWild (check his earlier post here):

Ways to inspire the next generation of British botanists!

Worried about the loss of ID and related skills amongst British graduates? Want to study botany but can’t find any suitable courses left? Want to help keep botany British botany alive and kicking into the next millennium?! This is your chance to tell Dr M what needs to be done to inspire the next generation of British botanists and plant scientists!

Dr M’s eXtreme botany goes up north!

Dr M is taking his University of Reading Plant Diversity MSc students on another field foray, this time not south not east but up north to West Yorkshire for a week in the peace, tranquility and botanical eXtacy that is Malham Tarn.

It’s official: Associate Professor Dr M Goes Wild!

A few weeks back Dr M had a phone call from the Dean of Life Science with the informal announcement (perhaps you caught it on Twitter!), but now the formal letter has arrived declaring that Dr M is now officially Associate Professor of Field Botany!

Dr. M’s most eXtreme approach to promoting the veg key!

In this weeks gripping episode of eXtreme botany – 007 takes on the dreaded Dr. M in his first feature length movie.

Dr M’s Lizard Diary: Collective nouns for a group of botanists!

The final verdict: A week at the Lizard is not enough! Dr M’s third last entry is all about the fun in between field botany! Talk to a great musician and they will tell you that in music it’s not so much the notes that matter, it’s the spaces between the notes. In fact Claude Debussy himself said “Music is the space between the notes”.
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Dr M’s Lizard Diary – Caution: eXtreme botanists at work!

The final verdict: A week at the Lizard is really not enough! Dr M and his students have seen beautiful landscapes, fascinating vegetation and lovely plants both common and rare, and much fun has  been had along the way!

Dr M’s Lizard Diary: the party’s over but the botanical memories live on!

The final verdict: A week at the Lizard is just not enough! Dr M and his students have seen beautiful landscapes, fascinating vegetation and lovely plants both common and rare. And, naturally, being a Dr M field course, much fun has been had along the way! Dr M’s three final Lizard Diary entries are galleries of images of plants and people and fun, and
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Dr M Lizard Diary Day 5: Kynance assignment presentation

Today was the day they have been dreading, the day they hoped Dr M would forget, the day of the student presentation on their vegetation assignment at Horse Rock, Kynance Cove. A group of somewhat nervous students assembled promptly at 10.45, notebooks and lap top in hand they set up their presentation in front of Dr M, Wizard Carter and guest tutor Hermione.