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Dr M needs to tidy his office!

Dr M had planned to put a day aside last term to tidy his office, it didn’t happen! A tidy desk is a great motivator allegedly, so what does that mean for Dr M who has always seen himself as a bit of a Dr M-otivator!? Albert Einstein and Roald Dahl had messy desks! That’s good surely?!

Sodden Loddon: eXtreme botany underwater

Dr M looked out of his window and notices – it’s raining again! Roger Brugge of the Meteorology Department at University of Reading, puts the recent rains in context: “after a dry start to December 2013, a total of 165.3 mm (roughly 6.5 inches) of rain was recorded in the 28 days ending on 8 January 2014.”

Fungi – the most important organisms on the planet?

Dr M put his hand deep into the warm wet webness, otherwise known as the internet, and pulled out this moist, clammy and dankly fascinating feature on fungi! Yuk!

Communicating botany to a wider audience using social media

Dr M is particularly fond of social media (at least those he understands how to use!) for communicating his passions for field botany and plant ID to a wider audience, and increasingly to young people. He was therefore delighted to find, via the Annals of Botany (AoB) blog listed on Louise Marsh’s BSBI publicity and outreach blog, a link to a great lecture by
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Giant Hogweed: a new contribution to understanding this plant in the UK

Dr M loves it when his students work gets published! Last month it happened again when Amy Denness had her MSc Plant Diversity dissertation work on the taxonomy of the non-native invasive species Giant Hogweed  (Heracleum mantegazzianum) published.

Dr M’s 2014 New Year’s plant hunt – University of Reading campus

The BSBI 2013/2014 New Year’s Day Plant Hunt is over and the results announced, this set Dr M thinking… why not  try out this super eXtreme botanical concept on the University of Reading Campus…?

A 21 blog post salute: highlights from drmgoeswild.com 2013

2013 was drmgoeswild.com’s first Christmas and he got so excited hanging up his botanical stockings and all, awe bless! Launched in April/May 2013 drmgoeswild.com took off (viewing wise) in the Summer and has grown steadily since, now receiving around 3000 views per month.

Dr M says Happy 2014!

Dr M Goes Wild’s first Christmas has been wet rather than white, but at least there has  been a frost or two to capture these seasonal images to wish you all a Happy New Year and much eXtreme botanising in 2014!  

You say Poaceae, I say Poaceae…

Dr M is relaxing for the festive season and offers this morsel from his table of festive botanical fare for your delight and delectation! It is never ceases to amaze Dr M what you can find on the internet these days. For example this very short scrap of a video on YouTube which demonstrates how to pronounce the word Poaceae!

Dr M’s World eXclusive botanical party game: eXtreme Carpology!

‘Tis the season for jolly party games and Dr M is proud to present the World eXclusive botanical party game: eXtreme Carpology: seeds, fruits and flowers! Created for the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting in November 2013 by Christine and Waheed, two of Dr M’s Plant Diversity MSc students at University of Reading.