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Dr M’s students create a living botanical glossary

Twenty-six botanists from Dr M’s Vegetation Survey and Assessment MSc class have produced the first ever living botanical glossary known to science (unless, of course, you know better?!).

Botany online: BBC Nature Places

The BBC and nature have become synonymous not least through the extraordinary work of David Attenborough. The BBC Nature website is well worth a visit for information, images and videos on plants and their habitats. The BBC Nature Places pages provide information from all over the world, follow the UK link to British plants and habitats.

Why be a botanist?

Love plants? Love botany? Want to make a career out of it? Well Dr M has, with his interest and love of plants dating back to age 11 and no doubt before, though currently Dr M’s memory banks don’t allow much recall prior to age 11!

Dr M’s botanical postcard from the English Lake District

Dr M spent a long weekend in the English Lake District by Wastwater, the deepest lake on the Lake District and just down the road from Scafell Pike which reaches around 1000 m and is shown here hidden in cloud.

Sunday: a good day for botanising in the wild wood!

Why not get out and see some botany this weekend? You know you want to!

Imagining Lichens

Dr M has previously posted here about “Imagining Science”  a living Science-art collaboration. The next collaborative project for Reading Science Week 2014  is entitled “Symbiosis” and is about art-science relationships and uses lichens – the weird wonderful complex plant-fungus dual organisms – as a source of inspiration!

The fruits of autumn beckon

Spring came late this year, jostling with glorious summer (while it lasted).  Now, as temperatures drop and nights draw in, autumn makes its way centre-stage. Summer’s legacy of sunshine (recall the heatwave?) seems rather fruitful in our countryside and a host of blackberries has now given way to a myriad acorns (2013 is looking like a mast year for oaks), haws (Hawthorn berries) and
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These are a few of our favourite leaves – the video!

Following Dr M’s recent post on the “Arb Boys” continuing professional development training session on common tree and shrub identification, you can now watch the video of the proceedings entitled “these are a few of our favourite leaves”

Tools of the trade for the field botany student!

The new University term is nearly upon us and students enrolling for the University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity and MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills will be taking Dr M’s module on Vegetation Survey and Assessment on Thursdays in the Autumn Term.

EFL Showcase Event: eXtreme botany – worth shouting about!

Dr M’s Diary: Day 2 Saturday afternoon Dr M talks eXtreme botany and the audience goes wild!