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EFL Showcase Event: Inspiring talks from inspirational women!

Dr M’s Diary: Day 3 Sunday In which Dr M is inspired by the final sessions! This final morning was about best practice in using technology for fieldwork learning.  And what better way than through three diverse and inspiring talks given by three inspirational women!

EFL Showcase Event: Doing your George Best – “Planning a student-led field trip”

Dr M’s Diary: Day 2 Saturday morning and evening This was a very tough day! Saturday was “Building and running a ‘student-led’ field trip” day and the EFL delegates were divided into 7 teams and all asked to kick off by naming their teams after super heroes.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event: “Of Androids and Apples!”

Dr M’s diary: Day 1 Friday This was a long day in which Dr M learns that Androids and Apples are not what they might seem at first sight! Alarm clock goes off at 06.00 – it’s the crack of dawn for heaven’s sake!

Imagining symbiosis: science, art and imagination (oh, and lichens too!)

Dr M would like to share some news from the science-art interface: Imagining Science is a living Science-art collaboration which all started in 2013 as a collaborative art exhibition for Reading Science Week and National Science and Engineering Week. The first project comprised the work of three science-artists addressing the way art and science investigate the world around us, and how imaginative thinking contributes to science and art in
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Green is the colour of botany!

Dr M says: “what’s not to love about green?!” Of course plants yield many more colours than green: flowers, seeds, bark, roots and fruits come in all colours of the rainbow, but green surely is the staple colour of botany! Mosses, liverworts, ferns, conifers and flowering plants all in this seasons best shades of green!  Dr M of course only has to think of
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eXtreme botany: beautiful cow munching grass, but can you hear which grass?

eXtreme botany reaches new heights… …as Dr M and his colleague identify a grassland to National Vegetation Classification (NVC) community by listening to the munching sounds made by a grazing cow! Amazed? Amused? You might be!    

Tools of the eXtreme botanists trade #3: Plant identification guides

The Natural History Bookstore (NHBS) tells Dr M there is a  new flora on the block called Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland

The top 30 vascular plant species in Britain?

Which are the commonest species in Britain? The answer to Dr M’s question depends on what Dr M means by “common” and what Dr M means by “Britain“!

Test Tube Trees!

  Dr M continues his quest for botanical videos… This time Dr M has come across the Test Tube videos which includes a series about trees in Britain by Markus Eichhorn a botanist from Nottingham University.

Dr M’s Top 20 flowering plant families in Britain – a resume

Dr M’s series of posts on the Top 20 families of flowering plants kicked off with the three largest families globally: Asteraceae, Orchidaceae and Fabaceae.