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How eXtreme can botany get?

Pretty eXtreme conifer ID  along the treacherous Chang Kong Cliff Road on the edge of  Huashan mountain, China!  A suitable location for Dr M’s next eXtreme botany video?

eXtreme botanical imagination – Karl Blossfeldt at the Whitechapel Gallery

  Not only then, in the world of art, but equally in the realm of science, Nature is our best teacher.”  Karl Blossfeldt “Wundergarten der Natur” (1932). Dr M is never one to let botanical imagination pass by… so check out the Karl Blossfeldt exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Dr M’s Favourite YouTube Videos 1: Type Specimen

I love this video because it is itself a “type specimen” of what a science video should be.  It is precise, clever and funny all at the same time.  The text is stunningly accurate and explains EXACTLY what taxonomy is and what a taxonomist does (…people whose working life consists of giving Greek and Latin names to every being that exists – just in
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Dr M: Trick Botanist on Channel 4 TV?

Back in early Spring, Dr M had a call from Channel 4 TV about a new high profile TV series “Ben Earl – Trick Artist” scheduled for the prime-time Friday evening slot.   The producer explained that this exciting new television star would explore a different theme in each episode – Crime, Art, Money. But it was the theme of the Nature, and a trick
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Michael Gove endorses eXtreme Botany

Dr M is spreading the botanical word and he will not rest until there is World Domination by botanists!  Ambitious? You might think so but then you haven’t reckoned with Dr M’s energy and determination! And to help reach his goal Dr M invented eXtreme botany and the cult is on the rise.  Just recently, with an eye to the eXtreme botany vote, Education Minister
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The Veg Key!

Dr M’s favourite and highly recommended books for plant  identification include: The veg key – otherwise known as “The Vegetative Key to the British Flora”.  An amazing and botanically life-changing volume by John Poland and Eric Clement and published in 2009.  This is a new approach to identifying plants in the vegetative state i.e. without flowers,

The Book of Stace!

Dr M’s favourite and highly recommended books for plant identification include: “The book of Stace” – This is the affectionate nickname given by Dr M when introducing students to Clive Stace’s “New Flora of Britain” 3rd edition (2010). Advanced and indispensable treatment of the British flora with keys to identify families, genera and species of all native and naturalised species (including hybrids) in the UK. A
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New book on vegetation…

Michael Proctors new book on British vegetation will be scrutinised by Dr M once he gets his copy…