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Dr. M’s most eXtreme approach to promoting the veg key!

In this weeks gripping episode of eXtreme botany – 007 takes on the dreaded Dr. M in his first feature length movie.

Dr. M plans to subvert the idyllic flower strewn Caribbean island of Stace removing all floral structures and imposing the worship of Poland and Clement and a strictly puritan vegetative diet of identification characters.

Another first for Dr M Goes Wild: You heard the first quotes from this new edge-of-the-seat botanical thriller here:

Dr. M: Greetings Mr Bond, we have been expecting you, I am Dr. M a member of SPECVSA.


Dr. M: Yes, SPECVSA. Special Executive for Vegetation Survey and Assessment. The four great cornerstones of power, headed by the greatest brains in the world.

Bond: Correction, the greatest botanical brains.

Dr. M: Yes Mr Bond, the successful botanical brain is always superior, it has to be!


PS: Dr M says: Thanks to Alastair Culham for this (slightly implausible) botanical scenario and photo of Dr. M.

Please not despite the likeness there is no relation between Dr M (the lover of all things ,botanical) and Dr. M (note the full-stop) destroyer of flowers!


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