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Dr M’s botanical postcard from the English Lake District

Dr M spent a long weekend in the English Lake District by Wastwater, the deepest lake on the Lake District and just down the road from Scafell Pike which reaches around 1000 m and is shown here hidden in cloud. This spectacular panorama was witnessed and captured by Dr M during a period of extraordinary sunshine and cloud one afternoon.

Botany is rife in the region and lower plants were especially prominent with mosses and lichens festooning walls, rocks and trees and a very special feature of this region due to the very high annul rainfall – parts of the west Lake District are the wettest inhabited places in England and this level of rainfall is much appreciated by lower plants.

The images below give a few examples of common mosses and lichens of the area.

 Click each image once, then a second time to get a much more detailed view.



  • Immy Smith

    Nice map lichen. That gives me an idea for a drawing…

    • DrM

      Yes it’s a lovely lichen with the appearance of roads and buildings on a map hence the common name! Map lichen is widely used to determine the relative age of deposits (lichenometry) based on the assumption that the largest lichen growing on a rock is the oldest individual. If the growth rate is known, the maximum lichen size will give a minimum age for when this rock was deposited! Also a great subject for a drawing!

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