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Dr M’s pink, blue and purple flower plant ID quiz

Dr M asks: Are you getting enough eXtreme botany?

As part of Dr M’s  “are you getting enough botany?” campaign, here is the third spring plant ID quiz; the pink, blue and purple flower quiz.

Dr M says are you getting your 5-a-day? As a special contribution to your healthy botanical diet, here are not five, not ten but fifteen (yes 15!) portions of pink, blue and purple flowered plants for your botanical delight and edification! That’s Yummy!

All the photos have been taken by Dr M especially for this quiz and so all are currently in bloom (mid-April) in the town and countryside in and around Reading and maybe near you too!

So see how many you can recognise to plant family and then check how many you can get to genus and species.

Dr M says: Some are a bit tricky, the photographs don’t show all the best ID features, but in the spirit of eXtreme botany, give it your best shot!

Dr M says: Check all the answers here.

Dr M notes: If you missed Dr M’s other two Spring flower ID quizzes; you can find the white flower quiz here and the yellow flower quiz here.



  • Jen Turner

    Hey Dr M,

    Thanks so much for your fabluous flower quizes. I do so very much miss being out in the field! I can honestly say that I am most certainly not getting enough botany but your blogs are giving me the boost I need of a workday lunch time. Keep it coming, keep it extreme and keep it green! Rock on dudes.

    Jen x

    • DrM

      Hello Jen, so glad you like the flower quizzes, I am enjoying preparing them and adding the odd tricky thing in amongst the staple fare for your five-plus-a-day! I will be posting a new set to cover the early summer plants mid May-time so keep checking back 😉 Dr M

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