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Dr M’s weekend mini-quiz #5: come into my parlour…

…said the spider to the … spider!

And so to celebrate national insect week (ye\h Dr M knows spiders are Arachnids not Insects but…!) Dr M offers these images of a female spider and her husband (aka lunch) on their web abode outside Dr M’s parlour (aka kitchen!) recently.

Dr M is particularly fond of spiders, but, however lovely they might be, Arachnida hardly qualifies for a botanical mini-quiz, however eXtreme!

So this weeks mini-quiz asks: “between which two plant species has this lovely garden spider chose to spin her web?”

Look carefully and have a go: family, genus species…?

Hint: they are both native species, but it IS Dr M’s garden afterall, so they could come from anywhere and one of them might just have been grown from seed!

Answer as usual sometime over the weekend!



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