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Dr M’s garden flower quiz

It’s Summer, it’s Pimm’s o’clock and of course high time for Dr M’s next ID quiz, this time its garden flowers!

pimms slide

This is a first for Dr M, not the Pimms (!) but the garden plants which have not really featured much at drmgoeswild.com.

Not that Dr M has anything against garden flowers, far from it, nothing more beautiful and rewarding than a garden, and no finer thing on a sunny summer’s day than to stroll around his garden or any garden!

But so far Dr M has not posted much about gardens and their plants, all the more reason to start now!

And there’s so much diversity in garden plants so there’s great scope for quizzes on garden flowers, garden trees, garden shrubs and so on.

So for now here’s a selection of 36 garden flowers most can be found now (August) many of them in the University Reading Harris Garden but also commonly found all over the country.

So, why not mix yourself a Pimms suitably laced with garden flowers, take a sip, no take a big swig, and  have a go at Dr M’s garden flower quiz!

In each case see if you can identify the flower to family and then have a go at the genus and species.

Dr M says: actually he is not sure of all the species names so see if you can beat him at this one!

Oh and, answers at the weekend, cheers!

Dr M says: Have a go then check your answers here!


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