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How many Buttercups are there?

In this picture thousands!   But of Buttercup species there are quite a few.  For example, according to the book of Stace, the latest flora of the British Isles, there are 30 species and hybrids of Ranunculus (the Latin name for the Buttercup genus). But there are three very common species which you must learn before you move on to the others!  There is Creeping buttercup (a very common and familiar weed), Meadow buttercup (a rather majestic buttercup of (not surprisingly!) meadows and hedgerows and other grassy places) and then there is Bulbous buttercup (a plant of shorter grasslands such as pastures and calcareous grasslands).

Which one of these three is pictured above?  If you want to know more about buttercups or about plant identification generally why not come along to the University of Reading Bioblitz on Saturday 8th Jun 2013 to meet Dr M and all three of these buttercups and to learn how to tell them apart and to learn lots of other plants too!


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