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How many species of Bryophytes are there in Britain?

Dr M has previously posted about the number of vascular plants in Britain.  In addition to vascular plants are the so-called lower plants or cryptogams including the Mosses, Liverworts and Algae.

As far as the Bryophytes go (mosses, liverworts and hornworts) there are approximately 1034 native species in the UK:

Mosses   746
Liverworts   284
Hornworts      4
Total  1034

Dr  is particularly fond of bryophytes and the image above is of the beautiful  golden-green coloured Screw-moss (Syntrichia ruralis) a common moss in the urban environment here growing atop concrete bollards in the Chemistry car park at the University of Reading.

Dr M is planning more posts on marvellous mosses and lovely liverworts, watch this space for the urban bryology pub crawl coming before too long!


The checklist of bryophytes is maintained by the British Bryological Society, who also make it available to the National Biodiversity Network Species Dictionary .





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