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A suitable case for Dr M ‘s next ID quiz?

Dr M is particularly fond of plant ID quizzes and so, it seems, is everybody else (in the whole world!) judging by Dr M’s dramatic peaks in visits to drmgoeswild.com for his recent quizzes on summer flowers and grasses!

So, as Dr M prepares for his next quiz (scheduled for September) he got thinking, what would be a suitable topic to follow summer flowers and grasses?

How about wonky vegetables?

wonky cucumber

OK, too funny, but is it botany?

However, keeping on the veg theme there’s always vegetative grasses? And with the new University term fast approaching Dr M needs to think of some topics to challenge his new students when they arrive at the University of Reading at the end of September to take the MSc Plant Diversity.

Poa annua and trivialis

Veg grasses certainly present a challenge and Dr M is on to this, but it’s tricky getting the right photos and it will take a bit of preparation, so while we wait (with bated breath!) how about garden plants? Some universal popularity there Dr M thinks?


Garden plants are a bit of a new venture for drmgoeswild.com not that Dr M has anything against garden flowers, far from it, nothing more beautiful and rewarding than a garden. But so far Dr M has not posted much about them, all the more reason to start now!

And there’s so many there can be separate quizzes on garden flowers, garden trees and shrubs and so on?

hanky tree

Of course, as regular visitors to drmgoeswild.com will know, Dr M is partcularly fond of grasses and a grass spikelet quiz would be right up his street. The trouble is, it might not be up anyone else’s street?!

grass spikelets

But they are so beautiful and in the name of eXtreme botany, Dr M feels sure there will be a grass spikelet quiz coming along before very long!

And finally thinking out of the box how about a Great Botanists quiz?

great botanists

Celebrating those travellers of the old and new who have helped compile our current knowledge of plants and botany and who have brought plants from far and wide (for better or worse!?).

All suitable cases for Dr M’s next ID quizz, which would you vote for?

Do you have other ideas?

Of course you do!

So, send  your votes and ideas for future quizzes to Dr M here.


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