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Sunday: a good day for botanising in the wild wood!

Why not get out and see some botany this weekend?

You know you want to!



BBOWT home

Well Check out your local Wildlife Trust for great places to visit.

BBOWT Wildlife sites

Dr M is based in Reading so he checks the BBOWT website and finds a veritable host of wildlife sites to visit on the doorstep.

Dr M is particularly fond of Moor Copse National Nature Reserve for woodland, meadow and chalk stream habitats and a botanically rewarding visit is assured anytime between January and December!

Dr M says: Go forth and botanise!


Dr M’s inconsequential and coincidental facts nr 42: The River Pang, which flows through Moor Copse NNR, was the inspiration for the (in Britain at least!) famous childrens’ story “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Graham (published 1908).

The video below is from the original TV series, cue for Dr M to go all misty-eyed: he is old enough to remember this well.  Those wonderful characters: Moley, Ratty, Badger and of course the inestimable Mr Toad! And those evocative places: The river, Toad Hall and, last but not least, the fearful wild wood (Moor Copse perhaps?!).


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