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Inspiring the next generation of botanists TODAY!

Dr M attended the UK PlantSci 2014 meeting in York, 31st March 2014.

Dr M’s 2014 New Year’s plant hunt – University of Reading campus

The BSBI 2013/2014 New Year’s Day Plant Hunt is over and the results announced, this set Dr M thinking… why not  try out this super eXtreme botanical concept on the University of Reading Campus…?

Dr M’s uneXpected eXtreme botanists #1: Shakespeare

Dr M’s occasional series highlights personages well known for various remarkable feats but whose eXtreme botanical skills are not so well known! Number 1 in this series is Shakespeare, the Immortal Bard, famous for his poetry and plays but less so for his botanical skills!  

Botany is just the best “B” word

“Botany is just the best “B” word we have“, Dr M tells the delegates at the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting at the Natural History Museum, 23rd November 2013.

Dr M’s deleted presentation – an eXtreme botanical love story

Even if you were present at Dr M’s presentation at the afternoon talks of the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting on Saturday 23rd November you will have missed Dr M’s presentation!

Guest blog: Judith Lock on students’ species identification videos

Surprised to see grasshoppers in the featured image on Dr M’s renown botanical site? Dr M is nothing if not inclusive, but grasshoppers love Poaceae (just like Dr M!) and are pretty much half grass whichever way you look at them (GRASS-hopper – get it?!)  😉 so it’s all pretty botanical! Anyway, today Dr M begins an occasional series of guest blogs where he
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Dr M’s botanical postcard from the English Lake District

Dr M spent a long weekend in the English Lake District by Wastwater, the deepest lake on the Lake District and just down the road from Scafell Pike which reaches around 1000 m and is shown here hidden in cloud.

EFL Showcase Event: eXtreme botany – worth shouting about!

Dr M’s Diary: Day 2 Saturday afternoon Dr M talks eXtreme botany and the audience goes wild!

EFL Showcase Event: Inspiring talks from inspirational women!

Dr M’s Diary: Day 3 Sunday In which Dr M is inspired by the final sessions! This final morning was about best practice in using technology for fieldwork learning.  And what better way than through three diverse and inspiring talks given by three inspirational women!

EFL Showcase Event: Doing your George Best – “Planning a student-led field trip”

Dr M’s Diary: Day 2 Saturday morning and evening This was a very tough day! Saturday was “Building and running a ‘student-led’ field trip” day and the EFL delegates were divided into 7 teams and all asked to kick off by naming their teams after super heroes.