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Dr M’s Marvellous Mosses: 1 Polytrichales

The Polytrichales is a characteristic order of acrocarpous mosses with robust, narrow leaves and a transparent sheathing base and with longitudinal lamellae on upper (adaxial) surface

Dr M’s Birthday Bryum!

So, what was Dr M doing on his birthday? Well, after a quick shufty at his birthday cards, including a very cheeky one from young nieces and nephew, off he went to check out some marvellous mosses – including a lovely birthday Bryum – for his forthcoming series on bryophytes! Coming to drmgoeswild.com soon: Dr M’s guide to common orders of mosses and liverworts! Watch
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Dr M’s Spring term ID test: bryophytes

Recently, Dr M ran a Spring term plant ID test for his MSc students at University of Reading and has posted the results of Part 1 (vascular plants). Here Dr M posts Part 2 of the test: the bryophytes – the group of lower plants which includes the mosses and liverworts. There were ten species in total: three species to be identified without books
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Dr M reviews five plant ID guides

Dr M has previously posted reviews of the two indispensable eXtreme botanical books: the veg key and the book of Stace. The eXtreme botanist just cannot be without these on their shelves. But also important are the illustrated plant ID guides to supplement the advanced ID books. You need to be able to check determinations against descriptions of the plant in the floras but also
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Dr M takes bryological floristry into the Dragon’s Den!

Dr M is developing a new botanical business concept – eXtreme bryology meets artistic floristry and the result is Bryo-Logical Floristry!

Guest blog: Mosses, Mosses, everywhere, is that Sphagnum? You think?!

Dr M continues his occasional series of guest blog posts with a glimpse into the wonderful world of the bog mosses (Sphagnum species) by Charlie Campbell.  As you read this, Charlie is travelling north to bog moss capital Sweden, to really indulge his passion through PhD research in Sphagnum ecology!

Dr M’s botanical postcard from the English Lake District

Dr M spent a long weekend in the English Lake District by Wastwater, the deepest lake on the Lake District and just down the road from Scafell Pike which reaches around 1000 m and is shown here hidden in cloud.

Dr M’s common bryophytes: Grey-cushioned Grimmia

Dr M says its high time for another bryophyte blog post! And with all this recent rain the bryophyte flora has really perked up again for its peak autumn season. Mosses are of two main kinds: pleurocarps – branched and creeping for the most part, and acrocarps – unbranched and erect.  One of the commonest acrocarps in the lowlands, growing on base rich and
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Dr M’s upcoming videos

Dr M Goes Wild about video for plant identification and just for fun! Upcoming videos include “the hand lens”, “marvellous mosses”, “liking lichens” and “the top 10 plant families”. Check the course page for information about Dr Ms course “Making plant ID videos”.