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Dr M talks British tree identification – Beech and Hornbeam

Dr M in full flow talking to the trees! (image courtesy of Waheed Arshad). Dr M is currently teaching British tree identification in his Vegetation Survey and Assessment module on the MSc Plant Diversity and MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills. During a recent 2-hour walk in autumnal sunshine, the class collected twigs and leaves from no fewer than 27 genera.

Online resources for plant ID: NHM key to trees and shrubs

In Dr M’s survey of online plant ID aids he has already taken a look at the SAPS key to trees and shrubs from Cambridge University. Here Dr M has a look at an interactive key to 88 species of trees and shrubs from the Natural History Museum key to Nature project.

Online resources for plant ID: the SAPS key to trees and shrubs

As the University teaching term gets closer Dr M has been investigating plant ID aids which might be tested by his students and some of which might even be useful! Here Dr M has a look at an interactive key from the Science and Plants for School project (SAPS), Cambridge University.

Common tree and shrub identification – these are a few of our favourite leaves!

On Monday Dr M attended a continuing professional development training session on trees and shrubs ID for ecology staff given by our resident Arboriculturalist trio Rob, James and Luke: AKA The Arb Boys!

Test Tube Trees!

  Dr M continues his quest for botanical videos… This time Dr M has come across the Test Tube videos which includes a series about trees in Britain by Markus Eichhorn a botanist from Nottingham University.