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Daughter of #adventbotany 2016

Dr M says: Can you believe it? #AdventBotany is now entering it’s 3rd year and is the festive botanical one to watch! Indeed it seems only yesterday Dr M was singing the Twelve days of botany and together with his colleague Dr Alastair Culham (@BotanyRNG) invented Advent Botany – 31 inspired nuggets of botanical peace, love and joy posted here and at Culham Research Group and dispersed across the
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Dr M’s Marvellous Mosses: Introduction

Dr M is particularly fond of bryophytes and the following described two days spent with his students on the MSc Plant Diversity and MSc SISS at University of Reading getting to know these wonderful little green things intimately!

Dr M welcomes a new MSc student cohort to the joys of botany!

Dr M says: It’s that time of year again! Last year’s University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity students (class of 2016 pictured above) are just about finishing their dissertations and we are already wishing them well as they get ready to move on to botanical pastures new, while the class of 2017 are soon to be on their way to Reading for a new exciting
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Gatsby Plant Sciences Summer School 2016

Dr M is the University of Reading mentor for Gatsby Plant Science (part of the Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme at the University of Cambridge) and each year he selects three undergraduate science students on a competitive basis to attend the inspirational and potentially life-changing Gatsby Plants Summer School. The summer school (established by the University of Leeds in 2005) is a unique opportunity for first year BSc
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Dr M’s Lizard Botanical Quiz 2016!

Dr M and students on the MSc Plant Diversity at the University of Reading have just (May 2016) returned from the annual botanical study trip to the botanical hotspot and Important Plant Area that is the Lizard District of Cornwall. The trip included amazing botanical walks along the stunning Cornish coastline including Kennack Sands to Cadgwith Cove, Lizard Head to Caerthyllian Cove and Kynance Cove. During
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Spring is: more than 50 shades of green!

Did you notice this last weekend (mid April) was the first real sign that the countryside is awakening from its winter slumbers and the trees are coming into glorious leaf? Certainly Dr M saw that it was so in and around Reading and across into Wales. That transition – from the starkly beautiful bare twigs on tree and hedge to the emerging haze green
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Colin Clubbe and James Wong welcome the first ever Botanical University Challenge!

After the initial inspiration and what seems like an eternity of planning by Dr M (University of Reading) and John Warren (IBERS Aberystwyth) the great day arrived, 10/03/16 and the first Botanical University Challenge ever in the Jodrell lecture Theatre at RBG Kew. Five fabulous teams – Reading, Aberystwyth, Edge Hill, Southampton and Kew – with botanical knowledge, skill and enthusiasm in spades, prepared
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The first ever Botanical University Challenge is nigh! Hosted by self-confessed @BotanyGeek and Kew alumnus James Wong BUC 2016 will be held in the Jodrell Laboratory at Kew from 2 pm Thursday 10th March 2016. As the final teams swot up and Dr M and colleagues John Warren and Laura Rozario make the final preparations and our host @botanygeek hones his botanical repartee, Dr M
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The very first Botanical University Challenge 10/3 at RBG Kew!

BOTANICAL UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE 2016 This is the brain-child of Dr M  (School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading) John Warren (IBERS, University of Aberystwyth), and Paul Ashton (Edge Hill). The first ever Botanical University Challenge Will take place at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, hosted by James Wong, 2 pm Thursday 10th March 2016 Jodrell Lecture Theatre (Jodrell Laboratory building) TW9 3DS. Preview: Try your luck –
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Botanical University Challenge!

YOUR STARTER FOR TEN: Haver you ever wished Paxman would ask more botany questions on University Challenge? Well, here’s the answer: Dr M and colleagues John Warren (Aberystwyth) and Paul Ashton (Edge Hill) have masterminded a brand new botanical concept for 2016: Botanical University Challenge!  A botanical version of the ever popular BBC formula which will be hosted by James Wong at the Royal Botanic
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