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Travelodge botany quiz!

Dr M says: Botany is everywhere, yes even at Travelodge!

Dr M had the pleasure of staying at a Travelodge near Crewe recently. Nice comfy bed and a pleasant view across a meandering stream to a fragment of wet woodland with Salix fragilis (Crack-willow). But be warned: the view will be quite different once summer approaches, but more of that later!

Dr M had a few moments to spare while awaiting pickup by a colleague so he went to investigate some Travelodge botany, Crewe style!

Between the hotel and the stream was a lawn, well rather a moss-etum, a veritable Rhytidiadelphetum in fact!  The dominant plant for sure was Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Springy Turf Moss) with its tell-tale squarrose leaves and red stem but in and amongst the mosses were one or two dicotyledonous herbs.

Dr M’ Travelodge botany quiz: Check the image below (a composite of four separate images) and see if you can identify what (apart from the moss of course!) is growing here, some of the plants are quite small but there are still several big enough to make out, click on the image to see an enlarged version!

Oh, and which plant do you think will grow up soon and hide this woodland view?!


Dr M adds: Be sure to check the answers here!


One Comment

  • Tim

    Best I can do is: Ragwort, Marsh Thistle, Sycamore, Daisy, Red Fescue and, I fear, Himalayan Balsom, which will soon hide everything else!

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