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Why be a botanist?

Love plants? Love botany? Want to make a career out of it?

Well Dr M has, with his interest and love of plants dating back to age 11 and no doubt before, though currently Dr M’s memory banks don’t allow much recall prior to age 11!

Why make a career out of plants and botany?

For the money?


Careers in botany are certainly going to be less financially rewarding than working as a banker, a pilot or a lawyer amongst other top paid jobs.  But tell us something we didn’t already know!

So why make a career out of plants and botany?

For the love of plants?


Botany is fun, exciting and delightful

For the love of plants!

The bottom line is, those choosing careers in botany are unlikely to be in it primarily for the big bucks but rather for the love of plants, being close to nature, the big outdoors, or whatever form it might take for you.

This was Dr M’s route and he can only recommend it to like-minded individuals but it did not happen overnight, it took Dr M many years to find the winning combination of teaching, training, research and consultancy enjoyed now!

You need to enter the botanical career pathway with eyes wide open to the opportunities as well as to the limitations.

For more on careers in botany check out the following:

A recent interview with Dr M’s colleague Professor Alastair Culham.

The BSBI website for information on training and careers in botany and related subjects.

Over the pond, the Botanical Society of America’s article entitled “Why be a botanist?“.

Contact Dr M with your stories about careers in botany!

Love plants? Love botany? Make a career out of it!



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