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Botanical University Challenge!


paxmanHaver you ever wished Paxman would ask more botany questions on University Challenge?

Well, here’s the answer: Dr M and colleagues John Warren (Aberystwyth) and Paul Ashton (Edge Hill) have masterminded a brand new botanical concept for 2016: Botanical University Challenge!  A botanical version of the ever popular BBC formula which will be hosted by James Wong at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on Thursday 10th March 2016.


The idea is to have a lot of botanical fun while simultaneously promoting the beauty, fascination and importance of plants and botany to people and society at large.

There will be a series of competitive rounds which will include:

  • Food, poison or drug?
  • What’s in a Latin name?
  • Where in the world – do I grow?
  • Native vs alien?
  • Record breakers (biggest, baddest, ugliest etc!).


The idea is to attract student teams and to help raise the profile of botany and plant science within universities.

So, if you are part of an institution that teaches botany or plant science at BSc and / or MSc levels please join us, the more the merrier!

Teams will be comprised of any of BSc, MSc and/or PhD students.

Get in touch by contacting: j.mitchley@reading.ac.uk

Here’s our promotional poster feel free to print off and circulate to all your botanical friends and relations!

We need an audience too, so be sure to put this botanical date in you diary!


BUC poster 5



  • Zoe warren

    Hello, I am interested in watching this event. How do I go about getting tickets for the audience?
    Kind regards

    • DrM

      Hello Zoe, Tickets are £5 each we expect the event to start at 2 pm in the Jodrell Building seminar room (exact details to be confirmed here and on social media soon), I am happy to reserve a ticket or tickets for you if you can send me name, address and contact number. Tell your friends would be great to have nice audience to cheer us all along! Dr M

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