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Identifying flowering plants without flowers – Dr M’s guide to the veg key!

Date: Sunday 24th April 2016

Time:  10 am – 4.30 pm

Level:  Beginner to intermediate

Location:  South London Botanical Institute

323 Norwood Road, London SE24 9AQ

Tel: 020 8674 5787

Price: £25 fee or £50 to include purchase of a copy of the veg key, NB if veg key required please book by April 1st 2016

What to bring:  Hand lens, notepad and pencil, lunch.

Check out Dr M’s post on the veg key here


Description:  All you ever wanted to know about the Veg Key but were afraid to ask!

This course is based around Poland & Clement’s vegetative key, this botanically life-changing book allows you to identify any native or naturalised British plant from a single leaf or part of a leaf. Dr M will lead you though the “veg key” to help you get the hang of its usual and novel format and prepare you for use of this book to identify plants without flowers on your walks and rambles.

On this course you will learn the following:

    • how the veg key separates different plants according to leaf shape and form and other vegetative features
    • how to use the general key at the beginning of the book
    • hands on practice using the veg key on a range of plants
    • how to identify common British plants using the veg key
    • common pitfalls and tips for using the veg key
    • that plant ID is great fun!