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Dr M’s autumn fruits quiz – the answers!

So did you try Dr M’s autumn fruits quiz?  If not, the link is here go and have a go!  Then check back for the answers (below). Dr M promised to give family, genus, species, common English name AND the botanical term for each fruit for there is a complex taxonomy and associated terminology for the humble fruit: you need to know your nuts
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Dr M’s Autumn Term botany class #1: Of apps and keys and trees and shrubs

Dr M’s first lesson with MSc Plant Diversity students and MSc SISS included a tour round the woodland known as the Wilderness on the University of Reading award-winning green campus.

Dr M’s field day diary #5 – If you go down to the woods today…

Day 5: If you go down to the woods today be sure of a big… swarm of biting insects, well if you will go to a wet woodland on a sultry humid day!

Up the Malus and Pyrus and down the Prunus?

Malus and Pyrus is Dr M’s eXtreme botanical rhyming slang for “going upstairs” – up the the good old apples and pears! More of that later!

An eXtreme Botanical Corker!

Dr M was today totally bowled over and utterly charmed by a truly massive Cork Oak (Quercus suber) at Standish Hospital, in Gloucestershire.

That was Cherry blossom time, that was!

Dr M says: So what’s your favourite Cherry blossom? Dr M is particularly fond of the purest white blossoms of the native Prunus spinosus (Blackthorn) but he’s a sucker for most cherry blossom. There’s something about cherry blossom time; first there’s winter, greyness, rain, greyness again, possibly snow and ice and certainly cold! And then somethings says “let there be Prunus” AND THERE IS PRUNUS!
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Dr M discovers May in mid-April!

A classic spring plant is the beautiful May tree, Crataegus monogyna, (also known as Hawthorn of course) by who’s flowering we know the season must be springtime, the only pretty ring time! even, mayhaps, the first signs that Sumer Is Icumen In!?

A walk for the love of trees

Dr M is particularly fond of Vancouver and from his past visits there the wonderful trees left a lasting impression, beautiful and diverse in nearby forest and also in town. Dr M was therefore delighted to find this lovely self-guided tree walk of the amazing tree-lined Kitsilano district of Vancouver,

Autumnal challenges for the eXtreme botanist!

Leaves are turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red and brown and are falling from the trees – aided and abetted by the winds, there can be no denying autumn is here!

Dr M talks British tree identification: show me the colour of your buds

As regular visitors will know, Dr M is currently teaching British tree identification in his Vegetation Survey and Assessment module on the MSc Plant Diversity and MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills. Amongst the features which help in putting a name to a tree include the twigs, leaves and buds. Buds come in all shapes and sizes and colours, all can be helpful for ID.