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Dr M says “Botany is all around us, everywhere and always!”

And perhaps in this lockdown world it’s even more evident and certainly even more important. Just as the birds seem to be singing louder than ever nowadays, and there are more butterflies and other insects and the flowers are more abundant and more beautiful than ever!  Of course it is just that the pace of our many of our lives has slowed and traffic, aeroplanes and other intrusions (with the sad exception of lawn mowers and strimmers!) so that the botany and other wildlife seem more obvious to us, but that’s a good thing!

So here Dr M’s aim is to encourage you to take a close look at the botany on your doorstep, in your garden or local park, and here’s hoping that everyone has some chance to see at least some green nature every day.  And, because the spaces that we are able to visit during lockdown are limited, the chances are the plants that you will encounter will be the commonplace rather than the rare, but that’s also a good thing, it draw’s attention to the uncommon beauty of common plants, which perhaps in a pre-lockdown world, we might have overlooked!

So for starters, Dr M has taken a close look in the lawn at his Mother’s where he is currently isolating, and pulled out the most common leaves and the most common flowers, placed these on the garden bench and photographed them for your lockdown delight and delectation!  Take a look at the images below, admire the beauty of common plants and see how many you can identify, then check below for the answers!