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I AM Dr M AND I GO WILD ABOUT PLANTS, and I welcome you to my special botanical site! I invite you to explore the wonderful world of plants and plant identification and to go, yourself, wild about plants! The objective is pure and simple - World domination by botanists! And it would be no bad thing! As the nature historian, Donald Worster, wrote about Scottish born botanist John Muir (1838-1914 - father of the US National Parks): "If we were a nation of botanists, all of us in love with plants as Muir was, we would be better environmental citizens. More knowledgeable and caring about the green world, we could survive almost anything. " Oh Yes! Rock on Botany!! Rock on Botanists!!!

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Dr M on Plant Identification

It is not difficult to appreciate the beauty of plants all around us. Yet how many plants do we know, I mean really know? Like knowing their names and where to find them and how to identify them? We seem to have lost the connection that our ancestors had with plants. So to reconnect with the wonder of plants Dr M can help your plant identification skills for families of flowering plants, the ferns, the tiny mosses and liverworts and the weird and wonderful lichens. It’s ambitious and there’s no time to lose, start now!

Dr M’s Plant Identification Courses

Dr M Goes Wild about teaching field botany, contact Dr M about training in plant identification… Dr M Goes Wild over CPD: need to brush up your botanical skills for your job? Contact us for bespoke courses on plant ID, NVC survey, vegetation survey and assessment, and more...Dr M Goes Wild about making botanical videos, contact Dr M about his upcoming botanical video training course... Dr M goes wild over Life-long learning, whether 19 or 99 get in touch, get involved, feel the love of plants…

Dr M on Field Botany

Plants are just the greatest things. Plants are all around us, but we don’t always appreciate that they feed us, they heal us, and by their beauty they also nourish us heart and soul. Dr M invites you to take a fresh look at plants. They need not be great rarities or great beauties. Take a common plant, maybe a tiny little moss or a great oak tree. Look anew and let the plant and its shape, form, colour and smell speak to you. Dr M Goes Wild about plants and he wants you to be part of the joy and the wonder and the fun! You are welcome here!