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Dr M’s autumn term extreme botany quiz – the solutions

If you didn’t see Dr M extreme botany quiz check it out here before reading on… If you did see it, and had a go, then check out the solutions below: #1 the botany hat – this is an intriguing one to be sure!   Dr M obtained this hat from a much-traveled colleague when he previously worked at Wye College. Dr M himself was uncertain
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Dr M’s ABC of #botanicalterms enters the Twittersphere

Some people get irritated by the plethora of specialised botanical terminology or jargon, like a secret code just for the botanical initiated! But Dr M says botany has the coolest words and to celebrate botany’s lexicographical superlativity (not to mention the wonderful Kew Plant Glossary by Henk Beentje) Dr M is posting an alphabet of botanical terms on Twitter at #botanicalterms, one a day until,
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