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That was FoPD (and #BotanyLive), that was!

After the success of our monkey puzzle Fascination of Plants Day two years ago (check the link here) Dr M and colleagues have done it again, they ran another Fascination of Plants Day event at the University of Reading in the beautiful Harris Garden and tropical glass house. Plus, a first for 2017, they took part in the first ever #BotanyLive event!  Organised by Anne
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Come into the garden!

As the UK heatwave continues Dr M says why not let botany cool you down, come in the garden, your garden, any garden! Dr M’s own garden is very much enjoying the sunny weather on the whole and his sunflower certainly appreciates the currently abundant morning noon and evening sunshine! Dr M says: The English summer is well known for its transience and so enjoy it
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Dr M’s garden flower quiz the answers?

How did Dr M’s garden quiz go for you? If you didn’t try it yet please here – even if you are not so familiar with garden plants and weren’t exactly sure what was what Dr M urges you to have a go at least to ID the family in each case and then the genus and species if you were feeling more confident
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Dr M’s garden flower quiz

It’s Summer, it’s Pimm’s o’clock and of course high time for Dr M’s next ID quiz, this time its garden flowers! This is a first for Dr M, not the Pimms (!) but the garden plants which have not really featured much at drmgoeswild.com. Not that Dr M has anything against garden flowers, far from it, nothing more beautiful and rewarding than a garden, and no
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