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Dr M weekend plant mini-quiz

Dr M’s autumn fruits quiz!

The clocks have gone back, autumnal colour delights the eye and the smells of autumn abound!  High time then for the latest in Dr M’s special series of botany quizzes – the autumn fruit quiz! 2015 seems to have been an excellent year for autumn fruits of a myriad varieties and so here for your autumnal delight and delectation Dr M has lovingly and selflessly gathered
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Dr M’s eXtreme botany quiz – the answers!

It was only week two of the new academic term but that didn’t stop Dr M launching his new students on the University of Reading twin MSc’s Plant Diversity and SISS into an eXtreme botanical quiz! If you missed it stop now and go check it out here, then come back and check below for the answers!  The answers: 1. Dangly ball-like fruit of London Plane, Platanus x hispanica.
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Dr M’s in-Hyde Park spot test – the answers!

Have you tried Dr M’s spot test from the BES/EFL workshop in Hyde Park? If not check it out here have a go then come back for the answers! Check the pictures against the answers below, give yourself 2 marks if you got the answer correct. If you didn’t quite get the answer correct but were part way there you can still get a mark,
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Dr M’s garden flower quiz

It’s Summer, it’s Pimm’s o’clock and of course high time for Dr M’s next ID quiz, this time its garden flowers! This is a first for Dr M, not the Pimms (!) but the garden plants which have not really featured much at drmgoeswild.com. Not that Dr M has anything against garden flowers, far from it, nothing more beautiful and rewarding than a garden, and no
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A suitable case for Dr M ‘s next ID quiz?

Dr M is particularly fond of plant ID quizzes and so, it seems, is everybody else (in the whole world!) judging by Dr M’s dramatic peaks in visits to drmgoeswild.com for his recent quizzes on summer flowers and grasses! So, as Dr M prepares for his next quiz (scheduled for September) he got thinking, what would be a suitable topic to follow summer flowers and
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Dr M’s Poaceae quiz – the answers!

Tried Dr M’s Poaceae quiz?  If not have a go here… then check the answers below… Some common grasses can be ID’d quite easily e.g. Dactylis glomerata (Cock’s-foot) which can often be reliably identified from 100 paces and definitely a species to ID from a moving vehicle at speed! Other grasses can only really be ID’d to genus from a photo and some only
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Dr M’s summer ID quiz – the answers!

Dr M says: Did you try my summer botany quiz?  If not check it out here and then come back for the answers. If you took the summer plant ID test read on for the answers! Here are the thirty-six plants with their common names, see bottom of this post for the latin names arranged by family to check your full botanical answers! Check out Dr
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Dr M’s summer botany quiz is a comin’ in!

Summer was a comin’ in but for sure it is here now and that can mean only one thing: it’s high time for a Dr M summer plant ID quiz! Recently Dr M has been out and about checking what’s in flower and what’s not and below are images of thirty-six common species currently in flower. Can you ID the family, genus and species of each
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Dr M’s mini-quiz from Maiden Castle: answers part 2 – vegetative ID!

If you arrived here and have not completed Dr M’s Maiden Castle mini-quiz and you would like to, then check it out here! and then the answers here! If you have, well, with Part 1, the easy bit, out of the way, here’s the real eXtreme botany bit: vegetative plant ID and in chalk grassland – one of the most species-rich communities in Britain – to
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Dr M’s mini-quiz from Maiden Castle: the answers part 1…

It’s one thing to rampage the ramparts and scale the slopes of Maiden Castle, but have you survived Dr M’s chalk grassland mini-quiz?