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Dr M: Trick Botanist on Channel 4 TV?

Back in early Spring, Dr M had a call from Channel 4 TV about a new high profile TV series “Ben Earl – Trick Artist” scheduled for the prime-time Friday evening slot.   The producer explained that this exciting new television star would explore a different theme in each episode – Crime, Art, Money. But it was the theme of the Nature, and a trick involving a carnivorous plant that Channel 4 wanted to talk to Dr M about.  They were looking for expert botanists to be involved in the filming, to say something about the plant and to witness the trick to make it more exciting and believable for the public at home.  So who better for the job than Dr M?  Wild Horses couldn’t stop him!

So, fast forward to mid-March and Dr M joins Ben Earl and production team in a disused warehouse somewhere in South London to film an episode of botanical trickery. Dr M takes up the story “…our episode included a trick with a Venus Flytrap!  Imagine my joy to see botany on the TV, even in this very unconventional guise!” Dr M continues: “Ben Earl’s approach is novel and very different from the run of the mill magic shows.   I think the use of the word ‘trick’ rather than ‘magic’ is significant and deliberate, Ben Earl is a great trickster and Channel 4 have put a good measure of imagination into this series.  No ladies sawn in half here, rather  Ben’s strength in sleight of hand and his ingenious approach to trickstering are put through their paces and Ben performs elaborate tricks in front of an invited audience.” Dr M concludes: “…the day was great fun and Ben’s stunts clever and baffling, of course we were sworn to secrecy, but what I can say is that where Ben Earl is concerned, you can definitely expect the unexpected!

The Venus Fly Trap episode was screened at 9 pm Friday 10th May Channel 4, blink and you missed it!  Dr M is preparing a video of his best bits for YouTube, watch this space!

But no trickery where Dr M’s botany is concerned, just raw enthusiasm for communicating a love of plants and life enhancing skills of plant identification to a wide audience.  Dr M welcomes Channel 4 viewers and the whole World to DrMGoesWild.com, his new botanical website spreading the joy and fun of botany to the widest possible audience!



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