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EFL Showcase Event: Doing your George Best – “Planning a student-led field trip”

Dr M’s Diary: Day 2 Saturday morning and evening

This was a very tough day!

Saturday was “Building and running a ‘student-led’ field trip” day and the EFL delegates were divided into 7 teams and all asked to kick off by naming their teams after super heroes.

Team GB

Team GB – all smiles before embarking on their tough day!

Dr M joined Naomi, Tim and Chris and on Tim’s suggestion and with unanimous agreement our team was named  “Team George Best” (which happily abbreviates to Team GB!)

This was the easy bit, the rest was very tough, or did I say that already?

The project briefing asked the teams to imagine that they were a new member of staff in a University and their head of department asks them to set up a new field trip which must provide the basis for any member of staff to run the course or even for students to do it themselves.

The aim of this task was to explore imagination, knowledge of pedagogy and technology to stimulate the organisation of a self-guided field trip.

All groups had Saturday morning for this with a short presentation after dinner in the evening. It was a very tough day, but I think you know that already?

Teams had to think about loads of stuff including: aims and objectives, student tasks, the use of  technology (iPad and  smartphones and apps such as FieldtripGB) and health and safety issues.

The field trip had to be designed as self-guided in the main but with online or face-to-face instruction as required and appropriate.

It was a tough day with much to do in a short time and with inevitable glitches and breakdowns of technology not to mention of personnel! But Team GB soldiered on and below Dr M shares an excerpt from Team GB’s presentation in which Dr M engages in a little role play to help students identify fieldwork safety issues…can you spot the safety issues in this video?



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