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eXtreme botany challenge!

grass leafFollowing his post on defining eXtreme botany, Dr M has been asked: “Dr M, so can you identify a grass from just one leaf?”

Dr M replies: “Hmmmm, I just love botanical conundrums!  This would surely be tricky if you were given a leaf of a grass at random, not knowing from whence it was plucked.  But if you know its geographical origin, e.g. from which country, or with even more precision, e.g. which region or county of the UK for example, then it could be possible.”

Dr M will be busy leading a field course in the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall next week, but he is working on this eXtreme Poaceae challenge: identify that grass from a single leaf, so watch this space! And why not contact us with your comments on this eXtreme Poaceous  conundrum…


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