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The Faces of Fascination of Plants Day!

Fascination of Plants Day 2015 brought over 130 local school children to the University of Reading for a Festival of Fascinating Fossils lead by Dr Macarena Cardenas and a Monkey Puzzle walk lead by Dr M and Professor Tomato (aka Professor John Warren).

Dr M was amazed!  The weather was not on our side, there was wind there was rain but still the schools came and despite wet socks and cold hands there was boundless energy, laughter and, most important of all, fascination of plants written across the faces of the children!

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so by Dr M’s reckoning the images below convey a million words all for the love, joy and fascination of plants!

FoPD Staff and helpers: whatever the weather we gonna have Monkey-fun plant day today!

jazz hands

Dr Macarena Cardenas’ Festival of Fascinating Fossils!

Cool Conifer Kidz!

Dr M and Professor Tomato in Pantobotany – “Oh no it isn’t!”

Doing the Monkey Puzzle Walk!

The success of #FoPD at Reading set Dr M thinking. Following the CBBC music initiative “Ten Pieces” to inspire a generation of children to get creative with classical music, Dr M says why not a “Ten Plants” project to inspire a young generation of botanists!?

The Monkey Puzzle is a definite #1 on this list so watch this botanical space to get involved in Dr M’s new project to select ten plants to fascinate and inspire a younger generation of botanists! 

monkey puzzle slide 1


Dr M says: there are some nice write ups in the local news sheet Get Reading and another in the Reading Chronicle.

Image credits: all except the last Monkey Puzzle (by Dr M) are by University of Reading




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