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Hit me with your EFL plant tests!

Recently Dr M and colleague Alastair Culham gave a presentation on creative approaches to teaching plant ID to the BES/EFL workshop in Hyde Park – as Alastair Culham has said in his account of this event (here), “…the audience didn’t know what hit them – two plant ID tests in 30 minutes!”

Regular visitors will already know this and you can see Dr M’s summary here.

chamerion slide

The two tests were an in-silico test (online test) and an in-HydePark test (spot test in the the field).

Dr M says have a go at the In-silico test: You can try the online test on your friends go to http://quizizz.com/ and search for ‘Name that plant’ – you can administer the quiz yourself and run it for any number of eager participants (victims) – surely the ideal quiz for Friday night at the pub.

Dr M says try the spot test: Not quite the same as being there, but you can have a go at the In-Hyde Park spot test by checking the fifteen images below see if you can ID them to family, genus and species – and do  the clues help or hinder your ID?

Dr M says: So what are the answers and how well did the participants do at the BES/EFL workshop? Well, keep you eyes open, the answers and further information will  be posted here soon!




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