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It’s official: Associate Professor Dr M Goes Wild!

A few weeks back Dr M had a phone call from the Dean of Life Science with the informal announcement (perhaps you caught it on Twitter!), but now the formal letter has arrived declaring that Dr M is now officially Associate Professor of Field Botany!

The world needs more field botanists and so Dr M was very happy to have his preferred title confirmed by the University of Reading.

But, every silver lining has a cloud, and this happy news immediately set Dr M worrying: does he need to buy some new half-moon spectacles or even a monocle and his bow-tie collection up to the mark?

But much more importantly, with the arrival of Associate Professor M, what will become of Dr M Goes Wild?

Dr M faces an obvious and serious branding conundrum: Associate Professor M Goes Wild may bring a touch more gravitass but it just does not have the same ring, nor the same je ne sais crois!

But never fear! Dr M Goes Wild is here to stay and the Associate Professor bit can be reserved for those high days and holidays when it might just come in handy!




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