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Michael Gove endorses eXtreme Botany

Dr M is spreading the botanical word and he will not rest until there is World Domination by botanists!  Ambitious? You might think so but then you haven’t reckoned with Dr M’s energy and determination! And to help reach his goal Dr M invented eXtreme botany and the cult is on the rise.  Just recently, with an eye to the eXtreme botany vote, Education Minister Michael Gove pledged to add eXtreme botany to the National Curriculum before the next election.

However, despite its undoubted and growing prominence in the cultural life of Britain, occasionally, very occasionally, Dr M gets a puzzled look, and a question is tentatively asked, “Dr M, what exactly IS eXtreme botany?”

And so, especially for those few, very few, of you not yet fully versed in eXtreme botany,  check out Dr M’s post entitled “So what exactly is eXtreme Botany?” where Dr M takes time to explain this phenomenon (for phenomenal it certainly is!).


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