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Moss (and Lichen) in Nature photo competition

Dr M is particularly fond of mosses and was delighted to find on the British Bryological Society Facebook page a link to this Moss in Nature Competition from Digital Photography Review.

OK the deadline has passed, and the judging has passed, so no chance to compete this time, but plenty of opportunities to admire the images and the winning shots.

As the keen eyed among you will have noted from the images, this MOSS in nature competition (note my emphasis) also allowed lichens – though lichens are certainly NOT mosses and arguably not even plants either – being half fungi (and fungi are closer to animals in the evolutionary tree than they are to plants!)

moss in nature 2

Dr M says: plants are so often taken for granted and misunderstood, people frequently just get plants plain wrong!

Dr M says: For a good dose of botanical correction check out Lena Struwe’s botanical accuracy site dedicated to providing educational information to correct botanical mistakes as part of a global effort to increase botanical knowledge!

Dr M says: Why not check out the Wild Flowers in Nature competition also from DPReview, images are being accepted between 12-18 December so you still have a chance!




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