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Dr M’s #Botanybus2015 spot test – the answers!

On day 10 of the University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity field course – otherwise known as #Botanybus2015 – there was a spot test at the lovely Mullion Cove in the Lizard District, Cornwall.

As they walked the cliffs and adjacent areas Dr M pointed his trusty Dutch auger at 30 plants in turn and students had a couple of minutes to ID them as far as they could, no books no notes, just drawing on their individual accumulated botanical knowledge.

Dr M’s colleague Alastair Culham took a photographic record of each plant and has posted images of the plants on twitter @RNGHerb over a similar period to the field test, you can find all the pics at Culham Research Group here

If you haven’t tried it already have a go here then check the answers below for your eXtreme botanical delight and delectation!

  1.  Umbilicus rupestris (Navelwort)
  2. Smyrnium olusatrum (Alexanders)
  3. Oenanthe crocata (Hemlock Water-dropwort)
  4. Lotus pedunculatus (Great Bird’s-foot Trefoil)
  5. Asplenium scolopendrium (Hartstongue Fern)
  6. Eupatorium cannabinum (Hemp Agrimony)
  7. Centaurea nigra (Black Knapweed)
  8. Herniaria ciliolata (Fringed Rupture-wort)
  9. Hypochoeris radicata (Cat’s-ear)
  10. Carex flacca (Glaucous Sedge)
  11. Filipendula vulgaris (Dropwort)
  12. Ficaria verna (Lesser Celandine)
  13. Luzula multiflora (Heath Wood-rush)
  14. Potentilla anserina (Silver Weed)
  15. Glyceria declinata (Small Sweet Grass)
  16. Brachypodium sylvaticum (Wood False-brome)
  17. Schoenus nigricans (Black Bog-rush)
  18. Armeria maritima (Thrift)
  19. Sanguisorba officinalis (Greater Burnet)
  20. Apium nodiflorum (Fool’s Water-cress)
  21. Silene uniflora (Sea Campion)
  22. Cochlearia danica (Danish Scurvy-grass)
  23. Heracleum sphondylium (Hogweed)
  24. Erica vagans (Cornish Heath)
  25. Ulex gallii (Western Gorse)
  26. Molinia caerulea (Purple Moor-grass)
  27. Danthonia decumbens (Heath Grass)
  28. Allium schoenoprasum (Wild Chives)
  29. Viola riviniana (Common Dog Violet)
  30. Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn)
The final spot is Dr M's favourite Blackthorn!

The final spot is Dr M’s favourite Blackthorn!

That’s all folks – for the while!