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Botany is just the best “B” word

Botany is just the best “B” word we have“, Dr M tells the delegates at the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting at the Natural History Museum, 23rd November 2013.

And this just moments after he accidentally deleted his PowerPoint, permanently and irretrievably!

Despite this unfortunate (nay careless) deletion, Dr M went on to eXtemporise and ad lib an account of how he’s using eXtreme botany and his botanical website drmgoeswild.com to engage a wider audience in learning plant ID and field botany.

With the technology well and truly turned against him, Dr M had to rely on his native wit and a couple of impromptu tricks, including acting out one of his crazy videos and bursting into a snippet of the legendary Poaceae song (as you do)!

See what you make of it and then check the reconstruction of Dr M’s intended presentation (“an eXtreme botanical love story“) from a draft which he had (thankfully) saved to his hard drive early that morning – so all was not quite irretrievably lost!


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