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Botanical University Challenge

Dr M’s botanical selfies enter 2018 with young botanist Josh Styles!

The latest in this series of botanical selfies features Josh Styles, one of the emerging young generation of British botanists who are filling oldies like Dr M with hope for the future of UK botany! Dr M says: I first came across Josh as a contestant on the Edge Hill University team of the very first Botanical University Challenge which I organised with John
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Botanical University Challenge – at least 5×4 reasons to be cheerful about the future of botany!

The outcome could not have been better!  The first Botanical University Challenge drew five fabulous teams with botanical knowledge, skill and enthusiasm in spades. Literally! Indeed, by all accounts, this was a great day for British botany! Not only was it enjoyable and fun but it was also a supremely optimistic day for British botany, and its future looks secure in the hands of these talented
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Colin Clubbe and James Wong welcome the first ever Botanical University Challenge!

After the initial inspiration and what seems like an eternity of planning by Dr M (University of Reading) and John Warren (IBERS Aberystwyth) the great day arrived, 10/03/16 and the first Botanical University Challenge ever in the Jodrell lecture Theatre at RBG Kew. Five fabulous teams – Reading, Aberystwyth, Edge Hill, Southampton and Kew – with botanical knowledge, skill and enthusiasm in spades, prepared
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The first ever Botanical University Challenge is nigh! Hosted by self-confessed @BotanyGeek and Kew alumnus James Wong BUC 2016 will be held in the Jodrell Laboratory at Kew from 2 pm Thursday 10th March 2016. As the final teams swot up and Dr M and colleagues John Warren and Laura Rozario make the final preparations and our host @botanygeek hones his botanical repartee, Dr M
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Dr M’s Valentine’s Day Botany Quiz!

Whether you are a lonely heart, a happy single or a devoted recent of long-standing starry eyed couple try Dr M’s extra special Valentine’s quiz inspired by the forthcoming Botanical University Challenge (10/3 at RBG Kew!). So, fingers on buzzers! Your starter for ten: The Rose must surely be the Valentine’s bloom of choice, but what four other blooms feature in the top five most
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The very first Botanical University Challenge 10/3 at RBG Kew!

BOTANICAL UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE 2016 This is the brain-child of Dr M  (School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading) John Warren (IBERS, University of Aberystwyth), and Paul Ashton (Edge Hill). The first ever Botanical University Challenge Will take place at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, hosted by James Wong, 2 pm Thursday 10th March 2016 Jodrell Lecture Theatre (Jodrell Laboratory building) TW9 3DS. Preview: Try your luck –
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