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Botanical University Challenge 2019!


The first ever UK Botanical University Challenge took place at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, hosted by James Wong, on 10th March 2016 you can read more about it here.




We are now getting very close to the second Challenge which takes place at the University of Reading on Wednesday 20th February 2019 and is the official launch event of Reading Botany 2019 a series of events celebrating 50 years of Masters Botany teaching at Reading!

The chairman for BUC 2019 will be the eminent botanist Dr Chris Preston from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology whose encyclopedic knowledge of British botany is second to none!

We have six excellent teams of students lined up to compete from Southampton, Reading, Kew, Edgehill, Liverpool, and Manchester Metropolitan.


Dr M says: Come and join us!  Please get in touch and come and join our audience and support our teams, the more the merrier!

Dr M says submit your questions: To whet your appetite and get your botanical juices flowing, here are some examples from BUC 2016, questions need to test the range of botanical knowledge with a starter for 10 and three bonus questions for 5 each, the bonus questions are grouped on a similar theme:

Starter question for 10:

Which flowers include the following structures: glume, lemma, palea & caryopsis?

Round question 1: Is Urophyllum arboreum a member of the Asteraceae, Gentianaceae or Rubiaceae family?
Round question 2:  Is wasabi part of the cabbage family, the lettuce family or the leek family?
Round question 3: Is Clitoria ternatea a member of the Fabaceae, Apiaceae or Solanaceae?

How did you do?  If you would like to submit some questions for BUC 2019 do get in touch, the address is j.mitchley@reading.ac.uk





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