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On Dr M’s Golden Pond – The Solution!

OK it’s not golden and it’s not a pond! Rather it’s a large water-filled plastic flower pot stuffed with aquatic plants! But recently Dr M posted about this “pond”, and despite its diminutive size, there are quite a number of plant species living happily in it at the moment and Dr M presented images of six aquatic plants for your examination and identification.

A voyage round Dr M’s pond!

Dr M says: OK so it’s not a pond, it’s a very large plastic flower pot with the drainage holes bunged up with duck tape and filled with water and aquatic plants! But which aquatic plants and how many species (and are there any ducks)? This is Dr M’s first ever eXtreme aquatic botanical challenge for you! Have a close look at the gallery
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Do you really know your Prunus from your Malus and Pyrus?

Dr M has already posted on the eXtreme botanical and floral distinctions between three fruit trees currently in beautiful bloom in our parks, gardens and countryside. So here, by way of an eXtreme botanical teaser, is a chance for you to test your knowledge and skill in two easy steps (and one slightly trickier one!).

Up the Malus and Pyrus and down the Prunus?

Malus and Pyrus is Dr M’s eXtreme botanical rhyming slang for “going upstairs” – up the the good old apples and pears! More of that later!

An interview with a sparklingly botanical man with a mission!

Dr M says: Who can it be?

Lock up your daughters! eXtreme pornobotany is here!

Dr M says: Botany is sexy, erotic and, well to some minds, even pornographic, its official! Dr M adds: So what’s new?! Erasmus Darwin was one of the first to revel in the sexuality of plants in his magnum opus “The Loves of the Plants” which was a popular rendering of Linnaeus’ works in English. Written in highly sexualized language, it  can be described as a
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If you don’t want to know the result of eXtreme pornobotany, turn off now…

  The wait for eXtreme pornobotany enters extra time, but not long now! In fact you can view the eXtreme pornobotany post here!    

eXtreme pornobotany is coming, lie back and think of Erasmus Darwin…

We apologise for the delays to our pornobotany posts today, but we have been experiencing unusual volumes of traffic, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. In fact now you can view the eXtreme pornobotany post here!

Pornographia botanica in eXtremis venit est, recumberent et pondero de Linnaeus

Dr M dicit: reprimendam tergum mox! Hic dictum est in lege  

“Seeds plump as buttocks” eXtreme pornobotany is coming…

Dr M says: Yes, pornobotany it is on its way, be sure to check back soon!   In fact Dr M will let you into a little secret, you can read the eXtreme pornobotany post here!