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This is my resources section. Here you will find the following:

Plant ID guides:

Dr M’s blog postings appear at least every week dealing with whatever takes his fancy, but here you can find some basic resources designed to help with your plant identification e.g. the main ID features of the top 10 dicot families, ID tips for grasses, sedges and rushes and introduction to lower plants: mosses, liverworts and lichens.  I will add more and more here to build a really useful place for your journey of plant ID discovery.

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Videos is a 21st century medium which is under-used (actually hardly used at all!) for plant ID.  Dr M loves video and would spend all his days making videos if he could.  However he can’t, too many other things to do, but what he can do is make the occasional video to illustrate aspects of plant identification and sometimes just for fun.  Dr M wants to build a family of plant identification video makers so reserve you place on his on Making a Plant Identification Video course and join the fun.

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Dr M says you can learn plants from books and from the internet.  But one of the best ways to learn plant is on a training course (Dr M likes to call them field trips or field days!) where you can get up close to the plants and learn from the experts, the horses mouth.   Dr M can help you learn plants (see testimonials page) at all levels from absolute beginner to more advanced students and can cater for family groups as well as groups of professionals e.g. seeking continuing professional development.  Visit Dr M’s courses page for more information and reserve your place soon as we usually limit places to around ten to maintain a high Dr M – student ratio for maximum learning potential.  Dr M is always happy to design bespoke courses/trips/days covering the needs and requirements of individuals or groups, contact Dr M today with your requirements.

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This is the place where Dr M writes about the botanical books he loves and those which he recommends to help with your plant identification.  You can also find reviews of other botanical stuff like videos and TV programmes and poetry even odd ball things like film, music and dance creeping in every now and then, just to keep you on your toes.

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Cuddly toys. Cushions. Kittens. Girls love soft stuff – they just can’t resist touching it. Oops that’s LYNX and this is LINKS, but maybe its not so different.  Dr M provide links to soft, cuddly and  botanically interesting resources.

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