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The Twelve Days of Botany!

It’s time to revisit this Dr M classic – the Twelve Days of Botanical Christmas! (First broadcast in December 2014!)

Together with his MSc students and colleagues at the University of Reading as well as in the BSBI and globally, as far as the botanical island of Guernsey and beyond, this planning has been all-consuming!

It has been a little while in gestation but at last Dr M is proud to reveal the birth of “The Twelve Days of Dr M” a botanical Christmas Number 1 if ever there was one (and let’s face it, there usually isn’t).

Dr M’s 2014 Christmas hit is an eXtreme botanical twist on an old favourite with brand new botanical lyrics hand-crafted by a host of #iamabotanist the world over.



  • Lesley

    Fantastic! “Enjoyed” it very much!
    Happy Christmas Dr M
    Lesley 🙂

    • DrM

      Lesley, glad you liked it, was fun getting students and others composing it and giving first performance in the VSA lab on last day of term! Dr M

  • Cindy Scribner

    Thank you for being a voice of enthusiasm for the plant world! As a teacher of gifted education (elementary), I have been shocked at my students’ lack of knowledge about very basic field identification specimens. We need what you do!

    And – thanks too for the very creative rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas”. I enjoyed it!

    • DrM

      Cindy, yes unadulterated botanical enthusiasms here always! Indeed our youngsters and many others remain blind to plants but keep on keeping on, there are always converts to be found along the way, and its so worth it! Dr M

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