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eXtreme botany enters the #BattleForNo10

In what the broadsheets are hailing as a “major first for botany”, Dr M is making history and shaking the very foundations of British democracy as labour and tory leaders vie for the extreme botany vote.

Battle for extreme botany

In the recent TV showdown, David Cameron must have been regretting not going for a head-to-head with Milliband as Paxman tore into him over his dismal record on eXtreme botany.

Paxman was then accused of a personal attack on Miliband, probing him about his relationship with plants and questioning whether he was “tough enough” to become Prime Minister as a “north London botany geek”.

“Am I a botanist? Hell Yes!” retorted Milliband, and proceeded to try to wrong-foot the Tory campaign by announcing the Poaceae song as the Labour campaign signature tune.

And this much to the bemusement of the Greens who had already claimed “Green and wonderful” for their own!

However, there was only cold comfort for Cameron as Ed fluffed his lines, forgetting the entire middle verse! Like a tiger, Paxman pounced on the confused labour leader: “What! No Molinia, Millium OR Melica in the Labour cabinet Mr Milliband?!”


extree botany and battle for no 10 rev

It’s no surprise that following these botanical debacles on live TV, the twittersphere has been buzzing with the sound of eXtreme botany:

Loving the way Miliband pushing back at Paxman – OK he fluffed the Poaceae song – but clear passion, principles and a proper plan for eXtreme botany #BattleForMore Poaceae.

Fury as Kay Burley is accused of bias after being caught faking botany with David Cameron backstage at #BattleForeXtremebotany debates.

Cameron is just lying he cannot defend his 5 year term of botanical austerity #BattleformoreDrM

Sounds to me like Cameron has deep cuts to eXtreme botany in his sights as part of his agenda #BookofStace4All

This a nice reminder that Paxman is just better at eXtreme botany than everyone else. #PaxmanontheVegKey

This is the first time in 5 years anyone has asked David Cameron a proper botanical question #BotanyforNo10

Political commentators said: there was no clear winner, but many claim Paxman was the real botanist of the night.

Dr M says: It’s never been clearer, our political leaders ignore eXtreme botany at their peril!

Enjoy this special day!



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